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The ISGB Gathering is in Miami Next Week!!

HI!! It is Gathering time and this year we lucky Floridians have it in our backyards. The bead bazaar is open to the public and is at the Hyatt Regency in Miami on July 25th. If you live close by, it is a definite must-do!! Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the bead bazaar, however, I have seen previews of pieces that glass artists are bringing with them and they are spectacular.

Here is a list of glass artists posted by the ISGB that will be showing their glass art at the bead bazaar:
Dolly Ahles
Ann Scherm Baldwin
Rocio Bearer
Sabina Boehm
Laura Bowker
Anna Bowman
Larry Brickman
Carol Bugarin
Elizabeth Bunn
Jan Burrows
Patti Cahill
Deanna Chase
Ofilia Cinta
Kate Clark
Shirley Cook
Harold Cooney
Holly Cooper
Bonny Corner
Trey Cornette
Ronit Dagan
Paula De Rienzo
Stephanie Dieleman
Sharon Driscoll
Pamela Dugger
Diana Dugina Riebling
Anne Cleo Dunesmore
Robyn Keller
Amnon Erez & Ayal Elbaz
Jennifer Fahnestock
Leah Fairbanks
Donna Felkner
Heather Ferman
Kim Fields
Mitra Friant
Bernadette Fuentes
Kerri Fuhr
Lenora Gray
Stephan Hagstrom
Ginny Hampton Schmidt
Heidi Hardner
Vicki Harrison
Bronwen Heilman
JC Herrell
Nina “Sam” Hibler
Rebekah Higgins Huskey
Shannon Hill
Gregory Hoff
Jo Hoffacker
Susan Hood
Sarah Hornik
Charmaine Jackson
Kathy Johnson
Leslie Kaplan
Karla Klein
Margo Knight
Cecilia Labora-Meiner
Sara LaGrand
Patricia Lakinsmith
Marcy Lamberson
Susan Lambert
Andrea Land
Sylvie Lansdowne
Karen Leonardo
Libby Leuchtman
Kristina Logan
Rebecca G.Mason
Susan Matuszek
Susan Matych-Hager
Cynthia McEwen
Yoko Nakagawa
Masaaki Nakano
Akihiro Ohkama
Mary Claire O’neill
Ryo Ono
Tammy Osczepinski
Janet Parada
Sam Parcels
Sandie Passarello
Janice Peacock
Brad Pearson
Sharon Peters
Isis Ray
Denise Reschauer
Virginia Sager
Emiko Sawamoto
Jari Sheese & Douglas Salewsky
Annie Shook
Barbara Simon
Konnie Smart
Cyndie Smith
Lisa St.Martin
Elise Strauss
Barbara Svetlick
Mary Tarara
Leslie Thiel
Nancy Tobey
Brenda Trafford
Heather Trimlett
Hayley Tsang
Duriye Tuzun
Jeri Warhaftig
Debby Weaver
Amy West
Beth Williams
Lewis Wilson
Hideko Yoshida
Holly Young
Margaret Zinser

Definitely a show you do not want to miss if you are a glass bead lover!!!
Happy shopping!!

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Happy Day!!

Hi!!  I just sent a Newsletter today…it is the first Newsletter that I have sent out in quite a while.  It actually confirms to me that I should be in the studio melting glass more often.  Thank you for all of your support!! 

Life is going fabulous.  I have a new job that I am really enjoying.  I am helping teachers integrate technology in their classrooms.  It is very interesting!!

I am off to the Post Office to ship boxes off.

More soon!

Take care~


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What’s Goin’ On?

Hi!  I hope everyone is doing great.  Things in my life are going fabulously.  I just started a new job which I am loving.  I am finding time to get back on track with melting glass regularly which is uber cool.  So stay tuned for bead updates. 

Also, I am teaching a few classes in May and June.  Check them out on my website.

More soon~


Posted by: faykatherine | December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Pyro

Best wishes for a very happy birthday Pyro! 


She is 3 years old today and ready to celebrate!!


Posted by: faykatherine | November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today is the day…Election Day.  Did you Vote???? 

It took me barely 30 minutes to go through the line and vote today.  Not bad at all!!

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Are you as confused as me about the time this week?  For most of my life the last weekend in October we changed all of our clocks back one hour.  Today, technology changes it for us.  Recently, our government changed this yearly phenomena to the first weekend in November…so this week half of my clocks are one hour off. 

I am so confused!!  I can’t wait for November 2nd to be in sync again. 

Anybody else have this issue in their house?

Posted by: faykatherine | October 27, 2008

How Do You Rate Restaurants???

Hi!  We have been having this discussion in our group of friends…how can you tell how your dining experience will go?? One of our friends feels that if the establishment has awesome bread, the rest of the food will be fantastic too.  I feel that I can tell all about a restaurant by their salads…if the lettuce is wilted, has brown spots (or black), has the stem of the lettuce in your salad, etc. warns the diner that the rest of the meal is going to be not up to par.  A salad should be crisp and fresh.  A restaurant should never mix old salad fixings with new salad fixings…if a restaurant skimps on the salad then the chef will skimp on everything else. 

We went to an Italian restaurant right near our home last week…having never tried it before we were hoping it would have homemade pastas and luscious meals.  I love privately owned restaurants.  And it has been our goal to find the perfect Italian restaurant since we moved to Florida.  Anyways, the bread was fabulous!! Then it went downhill from there…I ordered a Chicken Cesar salad with the dressing on the side and after hearing that they had created their pastas fresh daily I wanted to order a side of penne with olive oil.  After our waiter checked with the chef, he came back and said that the chef would not do that…I could have a side of penne with their pomodo sauce or order an entre’.  They are not Carraba’s, they are toooo high end and did not do special orders.  hmmmm…first time I ever heard that at an Italian restaurant!  But we forged ahead…and my honey ordered their lasagna with the fresh pasta made daily. 

Unfortunately, our meals were less than desired.  The salad came out as a very small salad (cost $7.99 for the salad, and $2.99 for the chicken) with wilted, blackened romaine lettuce…very old lettuce.  My hubby’s lasagna ($15.99) was cold…so he sent it back…came back cold in the middle again.  So the bottom line is that we are amazed this restaurant is still open.  It is having its one year anniversary next week…we doubt it will have a second!!

Small changes on their part could make them a place to go to!  Unfortunately, some Chefs egos are larger than their restaurants.  Let’s remember QUALITY food has a customer return. 

How do you rate restaurants???

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World Series Play Offs

Whoop!! Whoop!! the Tampa Rays won the play-offs!! The Rays are going to play in the World Series! How spectacular is that?!! This is the Rays first time in the World Series…gotta love newbies!  Hope they hit a lot of homeruns!!!! Go Rays, Go!!

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Ace of Cakes

Hi!  I love Duff and his peeps on the show Ace of Cakes.  Duff owns Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.  Does anyone watch it??  Mary Alice cracks me up.  And I enjoy watching the team banter back and forth…like brothers and sisters.  Their cakes are amazing! and I am inspired when I watch them recreate real things.  I wonder if it is easier to recreate things in cake or in glass???????

Maybe we need to have a challenge….

I think I want to be Duff and Ace of Glass!

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Hi! The Get Together was amazing.  There were over 20 us that gathered at the new Industrial Arts Center in Gulfport which is only 35 minutes away from me!  We shared tips, tricks, and showed off our pretties.  I demoed a lizard.  When I first started lampworking, I learned how to make these from Al Janelle and made bunches of them.  So I thought since I live in Geckoland, that a Gecko type bead would be perfect as the first demo for our gathering.  I can’t wait for the next Get Together November 8th.  So if you are a glassy peep, come on over and hang out with us.

Here is a picture of a Lizzie that I created on a hothead my first year lampworking.

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