Posted by: faykatherine | September 2, 2007

My Sculptural Journey: The Final Chapter

September 16, 2006

Part Four:

I tend to create sculptural beads that look more realistic with a fantasy sculptural bead series here and there. Lion and wolf pendants are my favorite off mandrel creations. I was surprised when I looked back over the road I traveled that I began creating sculptural beads early on in my glass career.  They are challenging and fun to create. It will be interesting to see where the next curve in the road takes me!!

That ends My Sculptural Journey for now.   Thanks for checking out my blog.


Some fellow lampworkers that have a knack for wonderful sculptural beads that you might want to check out:

Emiko Sawamoto

            spectacular sculptural work, a fantastic glass artist

Wendy Tobler

            Realistic animals           

Mavis Smith

            Fantasy-witches, fairies, mermaids


            quirky hollow aliens


            avant garde head/mask beads

Sharon Peters

            The queen of whacky sculptural beads

Chase Designs

             Deanna and Greg both have some wonderful sculptural series. Deanna has fairies, witches, and dragons.  Greg has lizards, dragons, animals encased in paperweights, etc.


More later.


Fay Katherine

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