Posted by: faykatherine | September 2, 2007

My Sculptural Journey

 September 10, 2006

My Sculptural Journey…Part 1 of 4

Hi!  I frequently hear from fellow lampworkers questions about my background in art and how I create my sculptural beads.  To be honest when I began lampworking I never, never, thought I would be creating serious sculptural beads.  I enjoyed creating jewelry component beads.  I was all about color.  I did not know anything else.  I did not know the glass bead world or anyone in it.  I was not a jewelry designer and I was not an artist.  I just fell in love with melting glass after trying my hand at it. 

Here are some examples of basic sculptural beads I created my first year:


After lampworking for a few months, an acquaintance pushed me into selling my beads at the Austin Bead Society’s bead bazaar.  While there some other glass peeps were encouraging me to take a class with the master Al Janelle, as well as, to hook up the minor I purchased that was hiding in my glass cabinet (I was working on a hothead). lol.  I signed up for Al Janelle’s class and I hooked up the minor.  Both wise decisions.  

Uncle Al opened my eyes to a vast array of glass techniques.  He was very precise with his sculptural work.  You probably have seen a few pieces of Uncle Al’s work in Cindy Jenkin’s books on lampworking.   Uncle Al created amazing eagles, tigers, dogs, elephants, birds, lizards, florals, etc.  


Uncle Al was my first glass mentor.  I can not thank him enough for his guidance and suggestions when I was a newbie in the glass world.  Uncle Al inspired me to try my hand at sculptural beads.  Thus began my journey into the sculptural realm of beadmaking.   


Above are some examples of my sculptural bead series.


(Uncle Al no longer teaches however you could purchase his videos at Arrow Springs or Frantz Glass.  I highly recommend his videos.  They are in exact run-time…nothing was edited out.  Thus I suggest using these videos as a “work along with Uncle Al”.)

Part 2 tomorrow….

More later.


Fay Katherine

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