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June 23, 2007

While I was playing tour guide to my neices a fellow glassworker and friend tagged me.  Kaye, of KoregonBeads, tagged me with this meme.  A meme is all about Me…there are specific questions in the tag to answer and then pass on to the next blogger. 

1.  What were you doing ten years ago? 

Ten years ago I was teaching fourth grade in
Connecticut.  My hobbies were traveling, bowling, reading, and dabbling in every art or craft that crossed my path.    
 2.  What were you doing one year ago?

 Last year I was getting ready for the ISGB Gathering and creating lots of beads and filling orders from Bead and Button.  

3.  Five snacks you enjoy?

 Chocolate…chocolate…and more chocolate.  Chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, icecream, chocolate, and popcorn. 4.  Five songs you know all the lyrics to?      Ooooh…hard one.  I am really bad at remembering lyrics to songs. I do know bye bye Miss American Pie by Don McLean, If I had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies, Cheeseburger in
Paradise by Jimmy Buffet,
Three Little Pigs from Mr. Wolf by

Barry Lane

, and Fa Fa by Guster.5.  Five bad habits? I have a lot of bad habits…so narrowed down to five would be: I stay up too late and sleep in too late, I work on the computer tooooo long, I procrastinate, I ignore the housework, and I have to finish a book if I start reading it. 6.  Five things you like doing? Working with hot molten glass, teaching, jetskiing, traveling, and going to the beach with the hubby. 7.  Five things you would never wear again? A micro-mini skirt, pantyhose (I wish!!), leather tight pants, tubetop, a string bikini. 8.  Five favorite toys? My torch, dominoes to play Mexican Train, Cosmic Wimpout, my jetski, and my hubby. 

So now I am supposed to tag more peeps…I am going to try not to repeat anyone that has been tagged…and come up with some peeps that you may not be totally familiar with their creations.

so Tag you are it!!: 

Lucie Weir  Lucie, of LunacyBeads, is an amazing murrini glass artist as well as creates fantastic beads.  I love her new murrini faces.  My favorite is Rarasek, a devil face, which you can check out on Lucie’s website.  Lucie and I have crossed paths a few times during the past years… Lucie talent just keeps jumping new barriers.  Lucie’s work is on my wish list.

Bernadette Fuentes One of my closest friends in the glassworld that inspires me to challenge myself technically is Bernadette Fuentes. I adore Bernadette’s lampwork hands…her new series of hands with seacreatures is to die for! Bernadette also creates silvered beads that are so magnificent as well as many other series.  Her work is definitely a must see! 

Sheila Morley  Sheila creates these cool focal beads with dancing women going around the bead.  I really like her series of hippie girls too!  I love Sheila’s theme of strong, fierce women.  I have never met in person Sheila…but I can tell she would be a fun gal to hang with.

Shawn E. Turner I love the dragons that Shawn creates…she has wearables and non-wearables in her dragon designs.  Shawn also designs fabulous jewelry.  Shawn and I have been Gathering buds for years…and this year Shawn will definitely be missed….Shawn is going to soak in glass knowledge at GlassStock this summer.

Kandice Seeber Kandice has the brightest, prettiest lampwork bead sets on eBay.   The last C.A. game I played on I was lucky enough to get to know Kandice better.  I have really missed Kandice’s chitchat since the game ended.  If you go to her site not only will you be able to see some gorgeous beads, also her site is the home to her friend, Dr. Sooz’s Links.

Hope you have fun exploring. 

Thank you Kaye for the fun game. 


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