Posted by: faykatherine | October 24, 2007

halloweencookies-2.jpgOhhhh…I love cutesy holiday jewelry.  Today I wore a kittycat popping out of a pumpkin to school…the kids thought it was hilarious!  and the pendant went perfectly with my pajamas too! was pajama day at school..nothing like teaching in your pajamas on a rainy, cold day!  Next year I need to remember my pillow and blankie! 😉


  1. I need to find these Thanksgiving themed beads that I have had for about 4 years…your kids would love them. I fear I might have tossed them in the last round of decluttering.

  2. Oh…if you come across them…that would be cool!! thanks Lisa for thinking of them!!

    I was really upset to find my witch pendant broken…my huge and heavy sterling silver bracelet must have hit the edge of the hat…now I have a no-brim witch hat…dangit!! hehe!

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