Posted by: faykatherine | October 26, 2007

Top 10

Hi!  Today’s Flaming Hot! BlogIt topic is:

Who do you admire?  Aspire to emulate?  Look to as the artisan you wish to be?  In setting goals and reaching higher where do you find your benchmarks?  Blog it!


I wish I had the business drive of JC Herrell and Kaye Husko.  Kaye and JC are really great at marketing, being consistent on eBay, and they both have awesome business sense.  I wish I was as organized and as energetic as Angie of BeadAddicts.  Angie makes me envious with everything she packs into one day.


I love glass and enjoy oogling all glass artists’ work.  If I had to narrow down my “admire” field to my “Top 10” it would be:

 10.  Stuart Abelman-really cool frog teapots and vases

9. Lucy Weir-beautiful murrini, skeletons, and pendants

8.  Kevin O’Grady-fantastic boro murrini,  gorgeous boro bracelets and marbles

7. Al Janelle-precision detail work on sculptural animal beads and beautiful latticino canes

6. Jared DeLong-amazing boro glass artist, fantabulous glass knives and swords as well as beads, paperweights, and marbles

5. Andrew Brown-I love how Andrew melds his boro glass art with coldwork

4. Milissa Montini-gorgeous glass art pieces with murrini

3. Emiko Sawamoto-creates beautiful intricate tiny pieces of art, magnificent murrini too

2. Loren Stump– amazing American master of glass,  Madonna of the Rocks murrini and fantastic sculptural pieces as well as glass Venetian-style masks

1. Chris Buzzini– magnificent paperweights, they just take your breath away! my goal is to be able to take a class with Chris and create one paperweight!:)


  1. What no Dale Chihuly or Lino Tagliapietra? Lest this turn into a best of the best baseball hero debate, thanks for suggesting those artists. Up to now Ive been limited to focusing on those two; Im still recovering from seeing the works of Chihuly and Tagliapietra after making an article on them.

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