Posted by: faykatherine | February 7, 2008

There’s No Place Like Tucson…

during bead and gem show week.  The shows take over the entire city.  This is my first year missing out on selling in Tucson since I moved.  I am definitely peagreen with envy that my friends are there running to every bead show and checking out all of the new creations.  My favorite show is the Best Bead Show.   Lewis Wilson and his show crew orchestrate a fabulous show offering a beautiful array of artist glass beads to the public.  So if you happen to be in Tucson, drop in the Best Bead Show and say Hi to all of my glass melting peeps!


  1. Hey honey…Deanna and I were at Best Bead on opening day and you were sorely missed. I wore Ms. Valentina and got lots of looks and comments from your vendor pals…Kimberly, Emiko, Lori, JC, and many others miss you this year too!

  2. i totally agree. here are some other great stuff about tucson:

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