Posted by: faykatherine | October 15, 2008


Hi! The Get Together was amazing.  There were over 20 us that gathered at the new Industrial Arts Center in Gulfport which is only 35 minutes away from me!  We shared tips, tricks, and showed off our pretties.  I demoed a lizard.  When I first started lampworking, I learned how to make these from Al Janelle and made bunches of them.  So I thought since I live in Geckoland, that a Gecko type bead would be perfect as the first demo for our gathering.  I can’t wait for the next Get Together November 8th.  So if you are a glassy peep, come on over and hang out with us.

Here is a picture of a Lizzie that I created on a hothead my first year lampworking.


  1. now that is darn cute! I have a similar piece that is a little red and black snake a very close friend made for me, shortly after I helped get him obsessed with glass. it resides on my eye glass strap whenever I go to publlic glass events, its a little bit of awesome inspiration that will forever be priceless to me.

    I love this lizard. can you give me size reference so I can get clear in my head how small this is?

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment. Creating lizzies are so much fun!! The base bead (the glass that the lizzie is wrapped around) is about 3/4 of an inch long. Thanks again~Fay

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