Posted by: faykatherine | October 27, 2008

How Do You Rate Restaurants???

Hi!  We have been having this discussion in our group of friends…how can you tell how your dining experience will go?? One of our friends feels that if the establishment has awesome bread, the rest of the food will be fantastic too.  I feel that I can tell all about a restaurant by their salads…if the lettuce is wilted, has brown spots (or black), has the stem of the lettuce in your salad, etc. warns the diner that the rest of the meal is going to be not up to par.  A salad should be crisp and fresh.  A restaurant should never mix old salad fixings with new salad fixings…if a restaurant skimps on the salad then the chef will skimp on everything else. 

We went to an Italian restaurant right near our home last week…having never tried it before we were hoping it would have homemade pastas and luscious meals.  I love privately owned restaurants.  And it has been our goal to find the perfect Italian restaurant since we moved to Florida.  Anyways, the bread was fabulous!! Then it went downhill from there…I ordered a Chicken Cesar salad with the dressing on the side and after hearing that they had created their pastas fresh daily I wanted to order a side of penne with olive oil.  After our waiter checked with the chef, he came back and said that the chef would not do that…I could have a side of penne with their pomodo sauce or order an entre’.  They are not Carraba’s, they are toooo high end and did not do special orders.  hmmmm…first time I ever heard that at an Italian restaurant!  But we forged ahead…and my honey ordered their lasagna with the fresh pasta made daily. 

Unfortunately, our meals were less than desired.  The salad came out as a very small salad (cost $7.99 for the salad, and $2.99 for the chicken) with wilted, blackened romaine lettuce…very old lettuce.  My hubby’s lasagna ($15.99) was cold…so he sent it back…came back cold in the middle again.  So the bottom line is that we are amazed this restaurant is still open.  It is having its one year anniversary next week…we doubt it will have a second!!

Small changes on their part could make them a place to go to!  Unfortunately, some Chefs egos are larger than their restaurants.  Let’s remember QUALITY food has a customer return. 

How do you rate restaurants???

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